Thursday, December 02, 2010

Heroic Heroes #8
Evolution of a Page

So i plotted out and pencilled the first 32 pages of issue 8 a couple of years ago and never got around to plotting the last 30 odd pages. So two weeks ago i finally got the story finished and thought it might be a good opportunity to show what goes on behind the creation of an underground self published mini comic.

Well surely someone must be interested in this world wide web.

It does come up a lot when you talk to comic crew:- do you do full script? Layouts? etc.

Well here we go, I'll update this as i work through it and you can see the evolution of a page.

This will end up being a two page spread, so 39 and 40 will be read next to each other in landscape format. As you can see Mr Scary has just been told that the Octopus army has been decimated, (no spoilers here, because we know the octopus army was wiped out at the start of issue 7) and his plans for world domination have been somewhat hindered. I try to have the octopus guys dialogue very conversational and polite. The layouts are very basic, i approach each page with a 3 panel grid that i can fuck about with when i get to pencils. Panel composition isn't a big issue here either, but definitely i like to think about where the characters are standing and space with regards to placing the balloons, and the future panning of the 'camera'.

As far as drawing of the characters go, i usually go for some short hand indicator of which character is speaking, so the octopus guy has the legs, and Mr scary just looks like a pacman ghost really.

As i work through these pages i'll try to give some kind of idea how long it's taken (always too long), and show pencils, lettering then inking and photo-shopping.

As far as issue 8 goes i've got about 30 pages inked, or pencilled and layed out. The last 30 odd are all like this, and the race is on to have it finished by the time Supanova Brisbane comes by.

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