Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Heroic Heroes 14

Heroic Heroes #14 was a tribute to Rob Liefeld and Cable.  Liefeld's drawing was infamous and comic nerds like me hated him in the 90's - but i've grown to love his enthusiasm.  This issue of Heroic Heroes is a fairly elliptical narrative compared to earlier ones but that freed me up to focus on colour design and mark making which reflect that enthusiasm.

I wanted to make the comic feel really immediate.  I tend to labour over my drawings and laying ink over pencil can be a mind numbing process.   

So I think in this one the pencil here really lives on the page.  I haven't scaled the images either.  I tried to reflect the immediacy of the images in the book design.  I laid out the images so that they could be photocopied and collated easily but imperfectly.

I've been kind of fetishising motifs in my work and in this issue i connected them in the story.

 I was happy with how this turned out, there's nice synergy between the immediacy of the mark making, the elliptical narrative and the idea of time travel and discovery.

I was also inspired by a train trip i took to Melbourne at the start of 2015.  I was listening to heaps of Future Islands.

This was my favorite page.  I was originally going to add dialogue but it doesn't really need it.

Oh yeah i added some red wool to the book.

There's a new issue coming soon!  You can buy this one from me for five bucks!